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IA. Ultra-Pure Water Systems IB. Non-Critical Purified WaterIC. Other Water Handling
IA-1 Deionized Water System
Pressure regulator provides constant feed pressure to booster pump

IA-2 Semiconductor Fabrication
Sight Glass and Gauge Guard provide visual verification of purity and pressure.

IA-3 Semiconductor Fabrication
Flow Control Valve and 3-Way Electrically Actuated Ball Valve provide proper flow to rinsing system.

IA-4 Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
Relief Valve provide synchronous recirculation in washing system with deionized water.

IA-5 Electronics Industry
Check Valve provides positive seal on a vertical line in a reverse osmosis system.

IA-6 Hospital/Lab
Pressure regulators protect lab sinks from overpressure in 16 story building.

IB-2 Reverse Osmosis System
Vacuum breaker prevents chemical siphoning.

IB-3 Desalinization System
Ball Valve controls feed and discharge lines.

IB-5 Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
Flow Control Valve provides constant flow rate for recirculating rinse water.

IB-6 Computer Manufacturing
Compact Diaphragm Valve used in rinse process.

IB-7 Industrial Rinse Water
Pressure Regulator used in cleaning stage for chemical pumping stations.

IB-8 Electroplating
Soleniod Valve and Ball Valve used to prevent tank overflow in automated plating line.

IB-9 Electroplating
Flow Control Valve regulates flow to heat exchanger.

IB-10 Water Treatment System
Actuated Ball Valve prevents zebra mussel buildup on intake from Lake Michigan.

IB-11 Brewery
Pressure Regulators, Actuated & Manual Valves control bottle rinse operation.

IB-12 Pharmaceutical Processing
Pressure Regulators provide high flow rate at safe pressures in R.O. system.

IB-12A Semiconductor Fabrication
Pressure Regulators provide high flow rate at safe pressures to heat exchangers.

IB-13 Semiconductor Fabrication
Flow Control Valve provides constant flow rate in R.O. cooling system.

IB-14 Solar Panel Manufacturing
Air-Loaded Pressure Regulator and Patented Stabilizer deliver high purity cleaning spray at precisely the right pressure.

IC-1 Brewery
Sight glass provides quick visual verification of liquid flow.

IC-2 Universal Pump Application
Flow Control Valve assures constant flow of clean water through packing seals within a high performance centrifugal pump.

IC-3 Electric Utility Industry
Sight Glass used to verify color in water treatment process.

IC-5 Environmental Industry
Relief Valve used to assure proper backpressure in groundwater remediation process.

IC-6 Groundwater Remediation
Relief Valve, Pressure Regulator and Gauge Guard prevent overpressure in carbon adsorption units.

IC-7 Groundwater Remediation
Pressure Regulator and Gauge Guard assure proper pressure to stripper tower.

IC-8 Organic Chemical Clarifying
RVT & MFR provide anti-siphon and bypass protection.

IC-9 Poultry Processing
Series FC Flow Control Valve used to prevent overheating in packaging process.

IC-10 Glass Grinding
Solenoid Valve used in rinsing process for automobile glass.

IIA. Water & Wastewater IIB. Chemical Feed IIC. Chemical Distribution
IIA-1 Cyanide Treatment
Solenoid Valves handle sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, and sodium hypochlorite to treat wastewater.

IIA-2 Semiconductor Etching & Rinsing
3-way Air Actuated Ball Valve diverts hydrofluoric acid and deionized water.

IIA-3 Power Industry
Sight glass verifies presence of chlorine dioxide.

IIA-4 Groundwater Remediation
Vacuum Breaker prevents tank siphoning

IIA-4 Slurry Feed to Wastewater Filtration
Pinch Valves control flow to filtration cells

IIA-6 Pump Cooling Water
Flow Switch signals need for action in a no-flow condition, regardless of pressure

IIB-1 pH Control
Solenoid Valves deliver precise amounts of sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid.

IIB-2 Chlorination
Solenoid Valve used for precise on/off control in combination with eductor.

IIB-3 Cooling Towers
Solenoid Valves provide precise chemical feed under vacuum.

IIB-4 Sewage Treatment
Solenoid Valves deliver precise amounts of sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid.

IIB-5 Paper Mills
Relief Valve prevents siphon in cleaning process.

IIB-6 Sewage Treatment
Diaphragm Valves deliver precise amounts of sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid.

IIB-8 Mining
Metering Pump helps in blasting control.

IIB-9 Horticulture
Actuated Ball Valve closes automatically under low pressure conditions in fertilizer line.

IIB-10 Commercial Laundry
Actuated Ball Valve & Metering Pump combine to pre-mix wash chemicals.

IIB-11 Pharmaceutical
Vacuum Breaker vents transfer tanks.

IIB-12 Chemical Processing
Check Valve prevents city water contamination.

IIB-13 Battery Manufacturing
Solenoid regulates fill process in highly corrosive environment.

IIC-1 Bromine Distribution
Relief Valve protects equipment in the event of line blockage.

IIC-2 Printing Ink
Diaphragm valves, flow controls and ball valves assure a corrosion-resistant ink distribution system.

IIC-3 Chemical Pumping
Relief Valve constructed of Kynar brand PVDF assures safe processing of a highly corrosive chemical.

IIC-4 Large Ink Jet Printer
Diaphragm valves assure proper mix of ink and deionized water.

IIC-5 Dairy Industry
Diaphragm valve used to control iodine for sanitizing process.

IIC-6 Contact Lens Manufacturing
Relief Valve and Flow Control valve assure proper flow of saline solution to sprayers.

IIC-7 Clothing Manufacturing
Actuated Ball Valves and BSD Diaphragm Valves assure proper flow of acids and detergents in "stone wash" process for blue jeans.

IIC-8 Printed Circuit Board Testing
Flow Controls and Solenoid Valves handle high purity ethyl during process.

IIC-9 Food Manufacturing
Solenoid valves constructed of Corzan CPVC assure proper flow of ingredients at mayonnaise processor.

IIC-10 Bulk Chemical Handling
Series EST shut-off Valve provides emergency pump prime in storage tanks.

IIC-16 Dialysis
Pressure Regulators and Relief Valves combine to provide balance flow at dialysis center.

IIC-17 Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
Pilot Solenoid Valve controls copper sulfate solution.

IIC-18 Dialysis
Solenoid Valve controls bicarbonate mix.

IID. Miscellaneous Chemicals III IV
IID-1 Petroleum Industry
Sight Glass used in dual containment piping for visual warning of internal pipeline failure

IID-2 Methane Gas Extraction
Sight Glass with fluttering device provides visual verification that pipelines are flowing freely

IID-3 Contract Packaging
VPA Filling & Metering Pump used for precise filling of high-end auto detailing wax

IID-4 Recovery of Precious Metals
Level Indicator compatible with phosphoric acid and sodium cyanide is used for recovery of gallium and silver.

IID-6 Electroplating
Level Indicator verifies quantity in waste storage tanks.

IID-7 Lined Pressure Vessels
Vacuum Breaker prevents implosion of lined tanks during drain process.

IID-8 Contract Packaging
VPA Filling & Metering Pump used for precise filling of various pet care products, such as shampoos and carpet cleaners.

Redundant Anti-Siphon
Backpressure Valve and Vacuum Breaker combine to create a foolproof way to prevent unwanted system siphoning
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