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Air Actuated Ball Valves vs. Air Actuated Shutoff Valves

Comparison of features and limitations, as well as recommendations when to use one or the other...

Actuated Ball Valves

Air Shutoff Valves

ball valve photo, comparison to solenoid valvesair operated shut off valve photo, comparison to ball valves

Advantages of Ball Valve

  • Higher pressures & flow rates
  • Higher back pressure permitted
  • Can revert to manual valve, or convert to electric actuator
  • Zero deadleg when fully open
  • Light weight
  • Manual Override

Advantages of Air Shutoff

  • Absolute positive closure in extreme conditions.
  • Globe design means no liquid trapped in ball* or other cavities when valve is closed
  • Fail-Dry early warning safety vent feature
  • Actuation mechanism is integral to the valve
  • Smooth operation, direct cycling

    Features common to both:

    • Fail-safe versions available
    • Visual position indication
    • Limit Stop available
    • Million cycle life
    • Can be operated pneumatically or hydraulically
    • Uses PTFE parts for inherent lubricity
    • Outstanding performance in corrosive environments
    • Available with flanged, socket, or threaded connections
    • Can be customized for special applications
    *Note that a vented ball is readily available on all Plast-O-Matic ball valves to prevent gas entrapment.
    Please note that the unique characteristics and positive features listed above refer only to Plast-O-Matic products.

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