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ROI: Advantages of Plast-O-Matic Products

POM products are designed to outperform competitive offerings for reliability, flow performance, accuracy, smooth operation, minimal downtime, and above all, longevity.

Precise, final machining of molded parts assures smooth internal movement — a POM product simply lasts longer. Multi-step manufacturing costs more at the outset, but the ultimate savings and significant advantages of less downtime is obvious in this side-by-side solenoid valve cost comparison:


Superior design is another key factor in POM’s lowest overall cost of ownership. Compare the internal flow path of a POM relief or backpressure valve, below left, versus a competitor’s internal flow path of the same size valve:


These additional steps cost more to produce, but as you can see below the difference in flow performance is astounding:


Take a closer look at the 1″ backpressure valve above. If we assume an inlet pressure (the x axis) regulated to 40 PSI, the Plast-O-Matic RVDT set at 30 PSI still delivers flow of 12 GPM, while the competitor’s valve delivers less than 2 GPM.

The initial cost advantages of the competitor’s valve is a few dollars saved. But the system performance advantages and the value of the improved productivity using a POM valve is incalculable!

Below is another example, in this case we’re comparing pressure regulators (pressure reducing valves) for use in a process cooling system. With downstream pressure set to protect the system, and an acceptable drop off from set pressure determined to be 14 PSI — also known as “droop” — the Plast-O-Matic regulator exceeds 20 GPM flow, while the competitive valves deliver less than 5 or 10:


Again, the competitive products have a lower point of entry cost, but the improved process cooling capacity — not to mention the energy savings — using the POM regulator is off the charts.

  • In these examples and many more, Plast-O-Matic routinely provides:
  • Highest system performance
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Significantly less downtime
  • Smoothest operation
  • Greatest accuracy
  • Less stress on pump & piping
  • Highest cycle life
  • Rebuildable valves

Also consider reductions in maintenance and labor costs, accidents and environmental spills, and “lowest cost of ownership” savings is the best reason to specify POM.