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Valve Reference Videos


Ball Valves

Series MBVL:  Lock Out/Tag Out option for True Blue Manual Ball Valves

Demonstration of Series EBV- with 4-20mA control

Series BV Product Line introduction

Check Valves

Series CKS:  Andy Ryan describes how this normally-closed check valve operates.

Gauge Guards & Instrumentation

Series GGS High-performance PTFE or FKM diaphragm seal




Pressure Regulators
PRHM High Performance Pressure Regulator — Static pressure setting demonstration

Series PR Product Line introduction

Relief Valves

Series RVT: Spring selection and final assembly

Discussion of Backpressure Regulator function of a Backpressure (Relief) Valve in a closed loop piping system

Series RV Product Line introduction

Shut Off & Diverter Valves

Series BSR Air Operated Shutoff in lab demonstration



Sight Glass & level Indicators

Side-by-side comparison of True Blue Sight Glass vs. Clear PVC pipe



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Solenoid Valves

How to Replace a Coil on a Solenoid Valve

Series EAST seal kit replacement


Venting Valves & Vacuum Breakers

Series DGV: Acrylic Degassing Valve demonstration in ozone application



Miscellaneous Process Controls & Pumps

Series PDS Pulsation Dampener/Surge Suppressor Lab Demonstration & Applications

Series VPA Metering Pump:  How it Operates

Miscellaneous Videos

Product Demonstration Loop – Technical Manager Andy Ryan discusses the various components on a mini loop, and how to demonstrate them.

Fail Dry – Lab demonstration of how the patented Fail Dry early warning vent works, and how it allows the valve to continue operating until maintenance can be scheduled.

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