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Fluid Presence Sensor for Corrosive and Ultrapure Liquids
Series FPS

Don't wait for damage...find leaks when they start! Series FPS provides low voltage signal when liquid is present in non-pressurized piping or components. In most applications, it is recommended to remove, clean, and reinstall the detector once the sensor is triggered. In the event that the sensing points are damaged by a highly aggressive chemical, the detector section can be easily replaced.

  • Suitable for any conductive liquid with a resistance less than 3 Megohm.
  • Low DC voltage control wire signals presence of liquid.
  • IP67 angled DIN Connector with 2M molded cordset included; straight DIN Connector (shown at right) is optional.
  • 1/8" or 1/4" NPT Connection.
  • Ideal for leak detection, water sensing, relief tanks, any non-pressurized location where the system operator must be alerted to the unexpected presence of liquid.
  • 1/8" size designed for use with Fail DryŽ port on many Plast-O-Matic Relief Valves, Solenoid Valves, and Air-Operated Shut Off Valves.

Specifications/Materials of Construction:

Sensor available in PVC, CPVC, Natural Polypropylene, and PVDF. Sensing points are 18-8 stainless steel. Rated for maximum 4 amps.


For use in non-pressurized locations.


dimensions of the fluid presence sensor

Note: Overall dimensions are the same for 1/8" or 1/4" connection size.

Ordering Information

part numbers for the fluid presence sensor

Options & Customization

Like most Plast-O-Matic products, the Fluid Presence Sensor may be customized or modified. The straight DIN connector, shown at right, is an option for double-containment tank applications. For any special modifications or non-standard configurations, please contact factory. Minimum quantities may apply.

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