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Gauge Guards – also known as Diaphragm Seals or Instrument Isolators

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  • Choice of Geon® PVC, Corzan® CPVC, Natural Polypropylene, Glass-Filled Polypropylene, Kynar® PVDF.
  • Available with or without gauge (dual in PSI and bar). When ordered with gauge, you have choice of a premium 2 1/2" stainless steel case, or an economical 2" black steel case with brass connection. Both types are offered in pressure or vacuum.
  • NEW Design uses stainless steel hex insert (NON-WETTED) to prevent overtightening.
  • Low cost protection of gauges and other pressure instruments.
  • Available in a variety of thermoplastics for specific chemical compatibility and temperature ranges.
  • Increase product reliability and reduce system downtime caused by failure of instruments not isolated by seals.
  • Compact size makes these isolators ideal for limited space installations.
  • ±3% accuracy. Will handle most applications.
  • Use with gauges, transducers, and pressure switches.
  • Simple to fill and install.
  • For use with highly aggressive or ultra-pure liquids.
  • Diaphragm safety - If the gauge or instrument fractures while the system is pressurized, the diaphragm will automatically seal against leakage to the atmosphere.
  • Standard PTFE diaphragm (except for vacuum and 0-15 PSI; 0-1 bar) for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Eliminates need for costly exotic metal gauges for corrosive processes.
  • Optional transparent shield for external corrosion protection; available with 2" black steel gauge only.
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