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Thermoplastic Manifolds to Minimize Piping System Footprint

valve manifolds are custom designed for your specific needs


  • Manifolds simplify piping, improve appearance, reduce space requirements.
  • Flow "circuitry" customized to specific applications.
  • Customized with any preferred connection type - socket, threaded, spigot, flare, o-ring face, etc.

Manifolds can be configured with virtually any desired combination of inlets, outlets, or flow circuitry. As an example, the manifold check valve shown above right features six diaphragms, three inlets, and two outlets.

Because these manifolds are custom built, they can incorporate different types of valves in combination, including actuated valves.

Fittings are also determined by your application. For example, the PVC manifold (above left) was constructed with female NPT connections; the natural polypropylene manifold (above right) features flare-type fittings.

Manifold body materials are Natural Polypropylene, Geon PVC, Kynar PVDF, and Corzan CPVC. Other materials on request. Minimum order levels and engineering charges apply on all custom manifolds.

Manifolds can be daisy-chained to create a higher number of valves. The manifold shown below is effectively a five-way valve based on four air-operated shutoff valves.

Note: Valve specifications, pressure ratings and flow performance may be affected by manifold design, flow circuitry, or material.


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Note: Because there are so many variables in different piping systems, we recommend that you contact our Technical Group at 973-256-3000 to discuss your specific requirements, or please use the "Request for Quote" link to initiate the process.

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