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Cut Sheet & Instructions
Series MBV

Series MBVSE Manual Ball Valve with Stem Extension
1/2" - 2" Sizes


  • Choice of whole inch sizes from 2" - 12"
  • Available as complete valve assembly or as kit for field retrofit.
  • Retrofit installs easily with self-tapping fastener.
  • Single piece construction requires no additional parts.
  • Solid, heavy duty part eliminates twisting.
  • Grade 1, Type 1 Geon PVC with stainless steel fastener.

Please note: photos are representative, product appearance may vary based on size/materials.

Assembly, Dimensional & Ordering Info:

Part Numbers for Field Retrofit

1/2" valve: MBVSE-1.2-00
3/4" & 1" valve: MBVSE-1.6-00
1", 1" & 2" valve: MBVSE-2.5-00
...where "00" is the desired stem height in inches, 02-12. For example, MBVSE-1.2-06 would be a 6" stem extension.

Part Numbers for New Valve

For a complete new valve assembly, simply add the suffix "-SE00" to full part number, where "00" is the desired stem height in inches, 02-12.. For example, with a 6" stem MBV050VT-PV becomes MBV050VT-PV-SE06.

For non-standard extension lengths or other options, please consult factory.

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