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The A Team at Semicon West 2018


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Corrosion Resistant Anti-Siphon Valves

Balanced Shut-Off Valve for Corrosive Applications with High Backpressure

Plast-O-Matic VPA Metering Pump – A Case History

Introducing the New TRVDT 3-port In-Line Relief Valve

3-Way Ball Valves Offer Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuation

Corrosion-Resistant Flow Controls

Spigot Ends for Valves and Regulators

New Valve Elastomer for 99% Sulfuric

Gauge Guards for D.I. Water Systems

Plast-O-Matic Dynamic Regulator Series PRS “The Stabilizer”

Critical Infrastructure / COVID 19


Product News….


4″ Size Added to Series RVD
New Actuator Features Brushless Motor 



















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