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The What, How, Where and Why of Relief Valves

    I. WHAT styles of Relief Valves are available?

    II. HOW do they operate?

    III. WHERE would I use a Relief Valve?

    relief app

    1. - "Pressure Relief Valve"- to protect a system (e.g. pump, pipe segment or tank)
           from excessive pressure (in excess of the set point).

    2. - "Back Pressure Regulator"- to provide a means of retaining desired system
           pressure to points of use in upstream line(s).

    3. - "Pressure By-Pass Valve"- to protect a pump from 'dead-heading' by enabling
           the flow to by-pass an obstruction.

    4. - "Back Pressure Valve"- to provide back pressure directly on the discharge
           of a pump to enhance its performance.

    5. - "Anti-Siphon Valve"- to prevent unwanted chemical
           siphoning through a pump; when negative pressure at a lower elevation could
           create a siphon and drain a tank. The valve is set to open at the desired pumping
           pressure, but seals tightly when a vacuum occurs downstream.

    IV. WHY would I use a Relief Valve versus some other comparable valve?

    For futher assistance with your specific application involving Relief Valves please contact our Technical Sales Dept. at (973) 256-3000 or E-mail us at info@plastomatic.com

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