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Kynar® PVDF Appearance Update

Back to Beige

Due to a changing global landscape regarding the use of PFAS surfactants, Arkema has reformulated the recipe for Kynar fluoropolymers.  As a result, the appearance of Kynar PVDF is shifting to a deeper tint of beige.

Because Plast-O-Matic uses Arkema’s Kynar brand PVDF exclusively for our ultrapure products, the new and old colors may overlap as we use our existing stock of raw materials. Ultimately all of our shipments will be of the darker tint.

The color variations have no impact on the purity nor the performance of our products.

For more information from Arkema regarding this change, please click here. Your Plast-O-Matic Regional Managers and Factory Representatives are also available to answer any questions.

Photo below shows the color variation among some of the raw Kynar PVDF feedstock used to manufacture our ultrapure valve products.