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Optional Clean & Double-Bag (CDB) Procedure

CDB Procedure

Optional High Purity Quality Assurance Procedure Class 100 Cleanroom

1.0 SCOPE:

  1. This specification describes the cleaning procedure used for the cleaning of components and valves for DI Service.
  2. Cleaning and packing procedures are carried out in class 100 cleanroom.


  1. Rinse components with DI water.
  2. Flush component with 18 megohm DI water for a minimum of five minutes under 60 psi of water pressure. Optional 8 and 16 hour hot DI water flush under 60 psi water pressure are available.
  3. Scrub and clean component interior with designated soft nylon brush.
  4. Inspect component for smooth clean interior.
  5. Rinse component in clean DI water while rotating or otherwise agitating component. Rinse through stages, monitoring DI sensitivity for a minimum of 10 megohms. Particle test fluid stream to confirm 1 particle of 0.2 micron size of less per ml.
  6. Nitrogen wad or wipe with lint-free kleenwipe to remove excess water. Inspect kleenwipe for cleanliness.
  7. Purge/dry component using filtered nitrogen (99.999% pure) from a cryogenic source.
  8. Final inspection of component. Use a 3200-3800A wavelength black light in a non-lit area to inspect component and dried kleenwipes for any smudges/traces of fluorescent smears. Reclean if fluorescing appears.
  9. While under purge, place component in a clean 6 Mil polyethylene sleeve and heat seal. Double bagging and label per customer requirements.