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Technical Articles

Pump Accessories for Optimal Performance

  1. Back pressure valve – RVDT, RV
  2. By-pass valve – RV
  3. Anti-siphon valves – RVDT, VBM
  4. Foot valve – CKM, CKS
  5. Diagnostic gauge – GGS
  6. Full port block & vent ball valves – MBV
  7. Suction and discharge de-gassing – DGV
  8. Fill and empty air release – ARV
  9. Pressure Switch — SWT



1) RVDT Back pressure valves provide an accurate and adjustable method to set pump’s total head (feet of head/PSI) for optimum pump performance based on pump curve and impeller.

2) Also required are GGS pressure gauge and diaphragm seal (gauge guard) to set the back pressure valve and for future troubleshooting/diagnostics.

3) MBV Full port manual ball valves to prevent cavitation and provide shutoff.


Typical Centrifugal Pump Curve



1) RV By-pass valves protect the pump from “dead-heading” by enabling flow to by-pass an obstruction back to the tank or pump.

2) Pressure and temperature Tridicator (compatible fluids only) or GGS Gauge Guard required to set by-pass and for troubleshooting/diagnostics.

3) Pressure Switch SWT provides additional pump protection from dead heading or running dry.



1) RVDT Anti-siphon valve prevents gravity siphoning from storage tanks to day tanks when pump is turned off.

2) GGS Gauge and guard required to set anti-siphon valve based on supply tanks feet of head (Ft. x .43=PSI) and for troubleshooting/diagnostics.

3) DGV Degassing valve on pump suction or discharge improves pump efficiency by eliminating entrapped air or gasses that off gas in certain fluids (i.e. sodium hypo).

4) ARV Air release valve is an automatic way to expel air during start up, maximizing fluid transfer in pipe. Also aids in completely evacuating system on shutdown.



1) Check Valves, sometimes referred to as Foot Valves, maintain pump prime to prevent repeated efforts to prime the pump. Depending on pipe size, CKM (1/2″ through 1″) or CKS (1 1/2″ through 4″) is used.