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Red Kynar Ball Valves Prevent UV Attack

Plast-O-Matic Engineered Ball Valves provide Kynar Strength, Temperature & Chemical Compatibility…Now with Superior UV Protection

Red Kynar PVDF is your best choice for UV-exposed systems in a variety of tough applications:

  • wet or dry chlorine
  • bromine
  • organic solvents
  • salts & chlorinated liquids
  • red pigmentation combines with PVDF properties to shield your process from UV damage and degradation

Plast-O-Matic trunnion design ball valves offer significant advantages and system safeguards:

  • dual sliding seats provide smooth operation and repeatable, bubble-tight sealing
  • blow-out proof, large diameter shaft to end flexing & breakage
  • dual shaft seals to eliminate leakage
  • PTFE shaft bearing eliminates friction
  • mirror polished ball assures smooth operation
  • multi-direction flow means it can’t be piped in backwards
  • ultra smooth flow path eliminates pressure loss
  • characterized ball profile options for any custom flow rate requirements
  • z-vent option for sodium hypochlorite service
  • 100% engineered, manufactured & assembled in USA

For specifications and pricing on manual or actuated valves, please click here and select Red Kynar in the ball valve material drop-down.