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Red Kynar® PVDF


Natural Kynar material shown at left, red pigmented Kynar at right.


PVDF red piping systems have been successfully used in outdoor applications for over 25 years.  It provides the same pressure/temperature range and chemical resistance of traditional natural Kynar PVDF with no pigmentation.

Natural unpigmented PVDF is unaffected by ultraviolet light (UV).  But it does permit UV to pass through it and affect the media within the pipeline. Since UV passes through natural Kynar PVDF, when chlorine or peroxide chemistries are present, the UV can potentially radicalize the chlorine and peroxides and create a very aggressive chemistry. Radicalized chlorine and peroxide can cause stress cracks in Kynar components.

By adding a specific red pigment to Kynar PVDF, the UV light spectrum is unable to pass through the polymer. This protects the media within, and eliminates the potential of UV to radicalize the chemicals.

The red PVDF not only protects the chemistry, it also extends the service life of the piping system. The red pigment also enable the material to better withstand weathering and general outdoor exposure. Red pigmented Kynar PVDF is not usually recommended for indoor use with high purity systems such as deionized water, as it can potentially leach impurities into the media.


  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Pressure/temperature and chemical ratings identical to natural Kynar PVDF
  • Red Kynar PVDF blocks ultraviolet light waves
  • Safeguards against radicalization of chlorine, peroxides, and other chemicals
  • Red pigmentation also enables the material to better withstand weathering, temperature fluctuation, and other effects of  exposed service
  • Prolongs the service life of the piping system

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