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RVT Body Style Variations

PRODUCT UPDATE AUGUST 2005: New Body Style for Series RVT in PVC

At right, Machine Shop Supervisor Peter Colantuono inspects the “new” RVT relief valve in PVC (at right in the photo), next to the previous design. The differences are really just cosmetic; the “tee” design and the “solid” body RVT have identical internals and performance. If you have any questions about the new look for the RVT, please call our Technical Group at 973-256-3000

For decades the RVT in PVC has been a hand-constructed valve based on a molded schedule 80 tee. We would modify the stock tee, then assemble and weld a number of parts within the tee to build the valve body. In materials such as PTFE, natural polypro and PVDF, the valve body was always machined out of solid stock. Although the two types of bodies looked markedly different, valve performance was identical.

In recent years, however, improvements in our machine shop have given us the capability to produce a number of items more economically. Machining efficiency and technology have been continuously upgraded under the direction of Pete Colantuono, Shop Supervisor. Because of these advances, the process of machining RVT bodies out of solid stock is nearly as economical as hand construction using molded tees.

Because of the machining repeatability and obvious strength of the solid body design, we’ve begun to manufacture RVT bodies in PVC from solid stock.

What this means to you…

Price remains the same.
The new look is simply a new method of construction. It is identical internally and provides the same flow, performance, and reliability.
The new dimensions for Series RVT in PVC are the same as the existing dimensions for RVT in natural polypro, PVDF and PTFE.
Seal kits are identical for both designs. If you have both “tee” body valves and solid body valves installed, replacement springs and seal kits are completely interchangeable (within the same size, of course).
You should also be aware that some of the tee body valves are still in the channel – both in distributor stock and our factory stock. As a result, you may continue to see the tee valves in various sizes.

Finally, please note that the Corzan CPVC in 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ sizes of Series RVT will be manufactured with the tee body design for the foreseeable future.