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Schedule 40/Schedule 80 Comparison

Tested at 73° F:
  Sch. 40 Sch. 80 % difference
Max. Working Pressure 300 PSI 470 PSI 42 %
Short-Term Collapse Pressure 356 PSI 927 PSI 160 %
Resistance to Load (uncompacted soil) 1084 lb/ft 2809 lb/ft 159 %
Wall Thickness .145″ .200″ 38 %

This chart is only a general guideline, based on laboratory conditions. In real applications, systems vibrate, UV rays affect performance, temperature fluctuates….these and a myriad of other everyday conditions will adversely affect plastic piping.

As temperatures rise, the plastic softens. As temperatures decrease, plastic becomes brittle. Ultraviolet rays (sunlight) slowly degrade the molecular structure of most plastics. Vibrations create inherent stresses, which can lead to cracking.