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Snubber is Best Option for Vibrating Pressure Gauges

The smallest option in the Plast-O-Matic catalog is the gauge snubber.   It’s a tiny, thermoplastic insert designed to constrict rapidly fluctuating flow from the instrument side of the gauge guard, and also dampen vibrations.  It drastically reduces needle vibration and greatly prolongs the life of the gauge.

Snubbers have a number of advantages over the next best alternative, the liquid filled gauge face.  While the snubber places a hindrance on the liquid and allows the precision needle to move unencumbered, a liquid filled gauge face does exactly the opposite.  The liquid filled face places a restriction on the precision needle, yet the surges and vibrations continue to impact the bourdon tube and needle unchecked. 

Standing just 1/4″ high and 1/8″ wide, the snubber doesn’t look very impressive, but it is a precision-machined part of the instrument.  And in applications with needle vibration, this little thing does make a big difference. 

Because of the precise sizing required, the snubber is only available with True Blue brand gauges.  Plast-O-Matic also offers glycerin-filled gauge faces, but we strongly recommend the snubber to preserve the life and accuracy of the instrument.

To order, use option #Z-SNUBBER, and please contact our Technical team for availability —  the tiny tapered body requires incredible ca