Series MBV-M
Thermoplastic [PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, or PVDF (Kynar)] manual ball valve with PTFE seats preloaded with [EPDM or Viton] O-rings and [1/2" through 2", socket or threaded] end connectors that are machined flat on the side that seals against an o-ring. The valve is to have a trunnion ball design with the ball being spherically machined to assure it is not out of round and polished to a smooth finish. Dual O-ring seals and a PTFE thrust bearing will be installed on the large diameter solid actuating shaft. The valve will have mounting lugs on the outer body. Metering option for use with True Blue Ball Valves with or without ZC angle characterized balls, 1 ⁄2" - 2 sizes. Metering pointer, base and scale available as complete valve assembly or as kit for field retrofit. Metering parts fabricated from corrosion-resistant thermoplastic. The pointer will now indicate position of the ball. The valve begins to open at or near 15º and is fully open at 90º. Adjust the handle to open/close the valve to increase/decrease the flow required. All units are to be 100% individually tested at the factory. As manufactured by Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ.