Series MBV-SE
Thermoplastic [PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, or PVDF (Kynar)] manual ball valve with PTFE seats preloaded with [EPDM or Viton] O-rings and [1/2" through 2", socket or threaded] end connectors that are machined flat on the side that seals against an o-ring. The valve is to have a trunnion ball design with the ball being spherically machined to assure it is not out of round and polished to a smooth finish. Dual o-ring seals and a PTFE thrust bearing will be installed on the large diameter solid actuating shaft. The valve will have mounting lugs on the outer body. Specify Stem extensions add the suffix "-SE00" to full part number, where "00" is the desired stem height in inches, 02-12. [e.g. For 6" stem MBV050VT-PV becomes MBV050VT-PV-SE06]. All units are to be 100% individually tested at the factory. As manufactured by Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ.