Series MFR Hand or Foot Operated Shut Off Valve
PVC with NPT threaded connections in [1/2 or 3/4] size with [EPDM or Viton/FKM] seals. Valves shall be normally-closed and require a minimum of palm, foot or knee pressure to open. Valves shall have Double U-cup seals on the shaft to isolate the spring from the liquid. The U-cup seals in conjunction with a poppet seat at the valve orifice shall provide a non-sticking design. A plastic foam seal shall be installed under the activating button to prevent dirt and dust from entering into the spring area. Mounting shall be with four 1/4 - 20 tapped holes in the base to stabilize the valve and process line piping. All units are to be 100% individually tested at the factory. As manufactured by Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ USA.