Series CARD
Provide all thermoplastic [enter PVC or CORZAN CPVC] combination air release, degassing and vacuum relief valves, Series CARD, with size 1, 2" and 4 female [specify NPT threaded/socket] [specify optional ANSI 150 lbs flange on inlet] system connection (for vertical orientation) [specify optional cap]. Seals will be [EPDM or FKM]. The valves to be Normally Open (NO) when there is no pressure or liquid in the piping system. High buoyancy float to close tight at 0 PSI after expelling all air during system start up at the same rate as the liquid is filling the system. Air entering the system will be expelled without allowing liquid to escape, even if the system is still under operating pressure. Automatic CARD Valve DEGASSING function to be made possible by the combination of a lever and engineered force balanced float to allow the small degassing orifice to open under pressure. The large orifice to remain closed with pipeline pressure above atmospheric. The degassing function to open when liquid level falls (indicating the presence of gas) and close when the gas has been evacuated as the liquid level rises. The vacuum relief function to prevent pipe collapse or unwanted siphon in event of a break in the pipeline or when draining of system. CARD valve to empty of liquid, the float to drop allowing the large orifice to open allowing atmospheric air into the pipeline, preventing vacuum from forming. The specific gravity of the liquid shall not be less than 0.9. All units are to be 100% individually tested at the factory as manufactured by Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ.