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Ultra-pure Zero Deadleg Gauge Guards / Diaphragm Seals / Instrument Isolators
Series GGMU

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GGMU zero dead-leg design is ideal for deionized water and other high purity processes

  • Constructed of non-contaminating, unpigmented virgin natural polypropylene or Kynar® PVDF (PVC also available).
  • In-line design eliminates "dead leg" that can harbor bacterial growth and other contamination.
  • Spigot connections attach with union nuts to enable easy installation, service. (Special Plast-O-Pure gasket assures crevice-free, ultrapure seal to spigot connectors)
  • Flexible elastomer spool assures accurate readings for pressure or vacuum.
  • ±2% accuracy. Will handle most applications.
  • Use with gauges, transducers, and pressure switches.
  • Bleed port assures trouble-free filling.
  • Available with or without gauge (dual in PSI and bar). Stainless steel gauge is standard; black steel gauge optional.

  • ultrapure gauge guard features Plast-O-Pure gasket for crevice-free connection of spigot end to seal body.  The flexible spool is also smooth and impervious to build up of impurities

    Series GGMU is designed for ultra-pure liquid systems and specifically to eliminate piping dead leg that can harbor bacterial growth or other contaminants. In addition, the basic function of the GGMU is to prevent liquid from coming in contact with the pressure gauge or other instrument, yet it still maintains the accuracy of the gauge or instrument.

    • Food grade spool material available upon request.

    • Various piping connectors are available to adapt to virtually any connection system existing today.

    A Carefully Engineered Gauge Guard:

    The design utilizes a flexible elastomer spool which separates process liquid from gauge or instrument fill liquid. This spool accurately transmits pressure or vacuum from the process liquid to the instrument fill liquid, which in turn registers on the gauge or instrument. A bleed plug enables the gauge guard to be totally and solidly filled with liquid, thereby eliminating air bubbles which would decrease accuracy of pressure reading. All sealing points of spool and end connectors are sanitary style to eliminate the possibility of any small wetted cavities within the assembly.

    Materials of Construction:

    Body and external wetted parts are unpigmented, natural polypropylene. Internal wetted parts are choice of polypro, PVDF, or PVC. Elastomers (spool and Plast-O-Pure gasket) are available in Viton® or EPDM.


    ultrapure gauge guard is a sleek, attractive way to connect an instrument or gauge to your process without fear of impurities.

    It eliminates the DEAD LEG where all kinds of crud can accumulate

    The overall "G" dimension (see the line drawing above) will vary according to which end connectors are selected. Standard end connectors are Metric and Schedule 80. End Connectors can also be made to custom lengths.

    No fillers, colorants, extenders, additives, fibers, or ANYTHING is added to the natural polypropylene body

    Model Numbers and Specifications:

    Part numbers are determined in two steps. The prefix is always "GGMU". The first step is to build the model number from the chart below...

    Pressure or vacuum, may provide your own gauge.

    ...for instance, an all-polypro GGMU with Viton seals and a gauge with 100 PSI maximum would begin: GGMUV100-PP. To complete the part number, continue by adding pipe size and connection type from the next chart...

    custom type connections are also available

    ...completing the example above with 1/2" "Asahi" piping, the full part number is now GGMUV100-PP-A1. If you would like assistance in determining the proper part number, or have any other questions, please contact our Technical Group at (973) 256-3000 8 am - 6 pm EST.

    CAD Files

    Please contact factory.

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    Series GGM -- True Blue Gauge Guards -- 1/2" process connection with 1/4" or 1/2" instrument connection. PTFE or Viton diaphragm; PVC, glass-filled polypropylene, Kynar PVDF bodies available. With or without gauges. Pressure rating from full vacuum to 200 PSI. Options include center mount gauges, acrylic shield, vibration snubber.

    Series GGME -- Miniature Gauge Guards -- Polypro body, Buna-nitrile or Viton diaphragm. 1/2" male process connection, 1/4" female instrument connection. Available with or without gauges; rated full vacuum through 200 PSI. Optional 1/4" process connection.

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