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Manual Ball Valves in PVC, CPVC, PVDF & Polypro

Known worldwide as the Engineered Ball Valve

Design Advantages:

  1. Heavy-duty, extra-large diameter shaft is reinforced by additional resin and eliminates stem breaks.
  2. Double shaft O-rings.
  3. PTFE shaft bearing eliminates friction and wear.
  4. PTFE seats backed up with O-rings reduce the wear and tear of repeated cycling.
  5. Trunnion Design: Upper and lower supports retain ball under pressure. Trunnion design allows multi-directional flow; means that the valve is in no danger of being installed "backwards."
  6. Concentric machined and mirror-polished ball.
  7. Dual sliding seats use triple O-rings for balance and maximum leak protection.
  8. Smooth flow path eliminates pressure loss.
  9. True union ends for ease of piping and removal.

  10. Film Click here for video presentation of these advantages.
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    Film Click here for video demonstration of Trunnion design.
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  • Now available in 3" and 4" sizes!
  • Molded mounting brackets for excellent support and ease of piping installation.
  • Pressure rated at 175 PSI (11,91 BAR). Kynar® PVDF ball valve rated to 232 PSI.
  • Plast-O-Matic True Blue Ball Valves sizes 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1", 1" and 2" are 100% molded, machined & assembled in Cedar Grove, NJ, USA. Some materials on 3" and 4" valves are imported, however, all machining & assembly is done in Cedar Grove, NJ, USA.
  • 100 percent pressure tested at our factory in Cedar Grove.
  • Available in Geon® PVC, Corzan® CPVC, Natural (virgin, unpigmented) Polypropylene, and Kynar® PVDF. Available seal materials are EPDM and Viton®. Handle is molded blue ABS. Other materials available; minimum quantities apply.
  • PVC ball valve

  • Available with NPT threaded connections, sockets, flanges (except PVDF), metric, or BSP.
  • Install as manual valve today, add an actuator tomorrow with no special kits or modifications...True Blue electric or pneumatic actuators can be added in about a minute!
  • Metering Valve available, Series MBVM
  • Lockout Handle available, Series MBVL
  • Stem Extensions available, Series MBVSE
  • Sanitary Connections available, see below

3" and 4" sizes have slightly different features and specifications.

Three-way ball valves available in PVC and CPVC, manual or actuated.

Vented Ball Valves available for sodium hypochlorite.

Dimensions & Specifications:

dimensional drawing of thermoplastic ball valve, 2-way, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, Polypro

**For weight in CPVC, multiply by 1.1, for polypro multiply by .66 and for PVDF multiply by 1.3.


Sanitary Connections:

Dimensional drawing of ball valve with Sanitary Connections

CAD Drawing:

For dimensional drawings in CAD .DWG format, please click here and refer to prefix MBV.

Ordering Information:

MBV      075      X      V      T   -   PV
Valve Pipe Size X-BSP Threads
(OMIT "X" if not BSP)
Seal MaterialConnectionsBody Material
(See Note)
050 (½ in.); NPT/BSPor metric V-Viton S-Socket Ends PV-PVC
075 (¾ in.); NPT/BSP sockets EP-Ethylene T-Threaded Ends (NPT) CP-CPVC (Corzan®)
100 (1 in.); NPT/BSP  Propylene F-Flanges (except PVDF) PP-Polypro
150 (1-½ in.); NPT/BSP     SC-Sanitary PF-PVDF/Kynar®
200 (2 in.); NPT/BSP     SCM-Sanitary Maxi  
300 (3 in.); NPT        
400 (4 in.); NPT        
20; 20mm, socket only        
25; 25mm, socket only        
32; 32mm, socket only        
40; 40mm, socket only        
50; 50mm, socket only        
63; 63mm, socket only        
90; 90mm, socket only        
110; 110mm, sckt, PP or PF only        


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Series ABR -- Actuated Ball Valves -- Pneumatically or hydraulically powered actuators for2-way and 3-way ball valves, sizes 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 2". Air x Air and"fail safe" Air x Spring models available. Manual override standard on air x air, optional on air x spring version. Air x spring converts easily between fail safe "open" and fail safe "closed."

Series TMBV -- 3-Way Manual Ball Valves offering all of the features found in the 2-Way valves above. Offered in PVC and CPVC.

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Series Z-Vent MBV --Vented Ball Valve for Sodium Hypochlorite -- Vented ball valve for sodium hypochlorite and other applications prone to outgassing.

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Series SW --Limit Switches -- For use with actuated ball valves.

Air-Operated Diaphragm Valves and Globe Valves-Perhaps your application requires more rapid shut-off, or you want to use line pressure to open the valve, or have other reasons you don't specifically want a ball valve. If so, True Blue ASO, BSD, or BSR may meet your needs.

Online Pressure Drop Calculator -- Allows you to easily determine the probable pressure drop across a valve. Note: For comparison and illustrative purposes only; not to be relied on for system design.

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