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Company ____________________________________Phone# _________________________


Customer ___________________________________Fax# ___________________________


S = System Piping Size & Material___________________________________________


P = Product Desired ________________________________________________________


E = Estimated Yearly Usage _______One Time Order Yes _ No _ Qty.____________


C = Cv Flow Factor or orifice size ______Cv _________ Orifice Diameter______


P =Liquid Pressure: Inlet Max __ Min __ Outlet (Back)___Vacuum ___ Set Pressure__


O = Operation Style: (2-way or 3-way, Normally Open/Closed, Direct Acting/Pilot, Air/Electric)______________________


M = Media and Concentration _______________________________    _____% Conc.


V = Volume of Flow _____GPM ____ LPM ____ SCFM ____Pressure Drop (delta P) acceptable to achieve flow _____________PSI Maximum Body Seal


A = Ambient Temperature _____ °F _____°C Maximum ______________


L = Liquid Temperature  _____ °F _____°C Maximum ______________


V = Valve Body and Seal Material _____________Body ____________________Seal


E = Electrical Specifications Voltage _________A/C ___D/C ____


S = Special Notes, (i.e. cycle rate) and Budgetary Price Range




Use additional space below for other pertinent information (Dimensions, Performance Requirements. Tolerances, System Diagram, Duty Cycle, Cycle Life, etc.)