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Plastic Valves 101
  • Downloadable .pdf versions of the Application Bulletins found in our popular “Applications 3-Ring Binder.” These are in the same numerical order used in the binder.

  • Series EBV solves corrosion woes in glycol system at Edna Valley Vineyards.

  • CKS Valve Ends Backflow Troubles in R. O. System

  • Thread Sealant Compatibility Issues with Plastic Piping at Semiconductor Fab

  • Water Utility Corrosion Problems Solved in Jacksonville, Florida using Plast-O-Matic solenoid valves, check valves, and gauge guards.

  • Sight Glass used to monitor leakage in double containment piping system

  • Vacuum Breaker prevents implosion in intermediate bulk containers

  • Pilot Solenoid Valves used for water treatment at Bremerton Public Works

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