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Normally-Open Solenoid Valves

True Blue® Solenoid Valves Series EASY-N.O. with quad seal design for pressure, drain, and vacuum service.

Series EASY-NO is a normally-open solenoid valve for all types of nasty chemicals, as well as ultra-pure liquids.


For applications requiring a valve to remain open when de-energized, or when it would be dangerous for a valve to close during a power failure. (e.g. cooling towers, emergency systems, etc.)

Million-cycle, bubble-tight shutoff, with no metal parts in wetted area. Design features a non-sticking PTFE shaft with a 4 u-cup seal, plus upper seal with Fail Dry safety vent. Suitable for most solutions, although proper caution should be taken when specifying for liquids prone to crystallization because of the u-cup design.

The EASY-N.O. may also be appropriate if you require a valve to remain open for a long period of time (open much more than closed). This will result in less wear, and can result in substantial energy savings.

  • PTFE shaft for low-friction operation.
  • Multi-use design: Pressure, drain, or vacuum service.
  • 1,000,000+ cycle life.
  • IP65 24 Watt Coil with lighted “Cool DIN” connector is standard.
  • 1/4″ & 1/2″ NPT sizes, with 1/4″ orifice.
  • Fail safe “open”; this valve automatically de-energizes to an open position in the event of a power loss.
  • Available in Geon PVC. Elastomer seals in Viton or EPDM. Alternate materials available w/quantity orders.
  • No metal parts in wetted area.
  • Patented Fail-Dry vented design.
  • Resistant to atmospheric corrosion.
  • Quadruple U-Cup design eliminates the problems often encountered with highly aggressive chemicals.
  • Molded corrosion-resistant coil assembly.
  • Every single valve is individually hand inspected and 100% tested prior to shipment — so you can install with confidence.
  • Note that the U-Cup design is not suited for some applications with crystallizing solutions (salts, caustics, etc.). 
    Please contact our Tech Group at 973-256-3000 to discuss your particular application.

Mode of Operation:

Normally OPEN (energize to close). No pressure differential required.


Pressure, drain, and vacuum. (must specify with order). May not be suitable for applications prone to crystallization.


Series EASY-N.O. allows continuous flow of highly corrosive and ultra-pure liquids. They can handle acids, solvents, process water, deionized water, etc. and do not require pressure to aid in opening the valve.


Valves are spring return normally open and direct acting with a heavy duty push-pull plunger design. There is no minimum pressure required for operation. Multiple U-cups are mounted around a PTFE shaft for low friction sealing, non-sticking operation, and million cycle design. The quad U-cup design also allows a stock valve to be used for vacuum or pressure. A poppet seat ensures bubble-tight shutoff. External fasteners are stainless steel (no metals in wetted area).

Available in 1/4″ and 1/2″, the EASY-N.O. has a Cv rating of 1.1, which provides excellent capacity within these pipe sizes.

After 1,000,000 cycles, we recommend that the valve be disassembled and inspected. It is also recommended to replace the elastomer seals and u-cups at this point. Contact your distributor for a seal kit. For heavy use applications, you may wish to order a spare seal kit with the valve. Seal replacement takes but a few minutes with common tools; no special training is required.

Pressure considerations:

Inlet pressure to 70 psi (4,8 bar) at room temperature (75 F). Backpressure rated to 18 psi (1,2 bar). Excessive backpressure will cause this model to remain open when the coil is energized.

Coil Info:

A 24 watt continuous duty coil is standard. When the coil is energized, the valve closes and will remain closed until the coil is de-energized. Coils are available in general purpose or explosion-proof, water tight construction. AC voltages are 24, 120, 240. 24 Volt DC available; please call our Tech Group at 973-256-3000.

Dimensions & Specifications:

dimensions of the True Blue EASY-N.O. solenoid valve.

specifications and model numbers for the classic True Blue normally-open solenoid valve

**Model numbers shown with “W24” IP65 coils.

NOTES: Maximum inlet pressure ratings are at full line voltages of 24, 120, 240, etc. For a 10% voltage reduction these inlet pressure ratings will be approximately 30% lower.

Other materials are available; consult factory – (973) 256-3000

Additional Info:

Installation Instructions, maintenance and parts drawings in .pdf format

Overview of the Entire Solenoid Valve Line, which may be the page you were on prior to this one. Provides key items for quick comparison and selection.

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